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Online shopping campaigns put your brand name, products and services right in front of the people actually searching for it. Google shopping campaigns are the powerful way of reaching the potential buyers within the shortest span of time. By reconciling the search queries to a product offer, Google shopping campaigns allow you to get only high quality traffic to your website. By using product listing ads, you can include product image, title, the price, limited promotional ad copy and your business’ name to get maximum exposure. We at Graph Technologies manage your Google shopping campaigns to do wonder for your online retail business in many ways:

google shopping ads agency

Increased Traffic and Sales

Google shopping campaigns dramatically increase the overall visibility of an online business. When you choose us for creating and managing your online shopping campaigns, you can be rest assured of higher click-through-rates (CTRs) on your product listing ads. With visual ads and product specific advertisement, we get more eyes on your products. Online shopping campaigns have higher conversion rates resulting in more sales for your business.

Get quality traffic and not just crowd

We focus on bringing quality traffic and not just the crowd to your site. We feature product-specific calls to action (CTAs) in your advertisement’s copy. It will not only bring the audience actually interested in buying your products but also increases the likelihood of shoppers buying your products after clicking on your advertisement.

Better Brand Exposure

We have expertise in providing the exposure that you wish for your product, brand and business. All the product listing ads are displayed on the search engine result page alongside the text advertisement listed for it. It is possible to show as many as five product listing ads at the same time.

Hottest Features

Google keep on adorning Google Shopping platform with new features to make it optimally work for your brand and business. Here are the latest features added by the Google:
  • 360° Imaging:

    It allows you to display your product in the best light possibleso as to tremendously increase the conversion rate.

  • Catalogues:

    Online retailers can now replicate catalogue-like experience on Google Shopping for apparel as well as non-apparel products.

  • Shortlists:

    With shortlisting, it is possible to add only those products relevant to the business, so that they get maximum exposure.

We at Graph Technologies have a team of online retail specialists, marketers, copywriters and PPC advertisers having years of expertise and experience in optimising your product feed. We focus on enhancing the performance of your shopping campaigns, which increases the potential of your products to rank higher and reduce the average cost per click. We help in creating and managing product listing ads to make products appear on Google Shopping:
  • With AdWords

  • With Merchant Center

Our team is proficient in making bidding lucrative for your business through the right strategies, we will be able manipulate where your products rank, so they can be listed higher than your competitor’s products. We combine customized bidding strategies with optimum optimization for the success of your PLAs. We manage ads on your behalf and make sure to maximise the noticeability of your products. By hiring us, you can get maximum control over product exposure and make the most of free traffic. Our proven strategies will bring your products among the top most products on Google Shopping. We specialize in using the best optimization tools, query-based processes, and AdWords expertise to make it work magically for your business. Contact us to get more information on Google Shopping campaigns and PLAS.

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