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Mobile messages are powerful way to connect with your audience. With the 80% of app users engage with their apps 15 times a day, it is challenge to create compelling content to get attention, build trust, and meet increasing customer expectations. Mobile messages often vary from promotions to transaction and activity messages. A savvy brand must know the ways to leverage all options for creating personalized experience for customers.
There are millions app available on different app stores and it is essential to make your app stand out of crowd, so it is discovered by your targeted audience.

We at Graph Technologies excel in promoting your mobile apps using a varied range of mobile app campaigns to promote your app effectively and efficiently, so that you can drive maximum benefits out of it.

Mobile app marketing agency

Universal App Campaign:

With universal app campaign, we promote your mobile app across search, display and YouTube ad networks. These app campaigns are perfect for creating a low effort and low cost install channel. It allows you to automatically target many marketing channels through single campaign. With Universal App Campaigns, we will handle designing your ads (using your existing Play Store app), targeting, and optimizes bidding. We only expect you to provide the following:
  • Ad text idea and an optional YouTube video

  • Targeted languages and locations

  • A starting bid, bid strategy and budget

With your ad text ideas and assets from your apps store listing, we will design a variety of ads across several formats and networks. We will do all the leg work for checking different combinations and come up with the best performing ads.


It increases your app visibility exponentially by showcasing it your app on Google search, Google Play, YouTube, and the Google Display network.

Mobile App Install Campaigns

Mobile app installs campaigns are focused on encouraging targeted audience to download your app. As more and more people download your app, it helps in improving your app ranking, which will further increase the number of individuals downloading your app. With Adwords mobile app install campaigns, we help in providing customized targeting, keywords, and ads based on your app ID and other information. These ads are displayed on Google Play, Google search, YouTube and Display Network publisher websites and mobile apps. It is also easy to know your campaign’s performance by tracking installs as conversions.


  • It makes it quick and easy for your targeted audience to down your app on their mobile or tablets bygoing straight to the app store from clicking your ads.

  • It promotes Android app across multiple networks within a single campaign.

Mobile App Engagement Campaigns

Mobile app engagement campaigns are focused on enhancing the audience engagement with your mobile app. It helps in finding the people actually interested in your app content, fostering those who have already installed your app to try it again and to open your app and take a certain action. Such ads open avenues for countless conversions, bidding and targeting. One can easily count specific engagement actions in their app as conversions to keep track of how people use your app.


  • It encourage users to try your app again

  • It reminds people toopen your app and take a specific action

  • It helps app users in completing the activity that they had already started

  • It increases how often people use your app

  • It recommends users to try out specific features or levels

If you want to reap maximum benefits out of mobile apps for business, you can count upon us for promoting your Android apps at affordable prices,Contact US today.

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